FTM is a dynamic investment product that places emphasis on capital preservation first and foremost while achieving consistent returns and maintaining low volatility. FTM achieves this by spreading investment risk between FX, Term Deposits and Capital Secured Investments. It is the culmination of a search for an investment portfolio that can provide consistent returns irrespective of market conditions.

The Global Financial Crisis clearly illustrated that investment classes were far more correlated than most investors had otherwise suspected. After the dramatic falls in global markets, it was clear that traditional asset classes such as equities could not be counted on for diversification simply by means of geographical location. Both developed and emerging markets alike experienced large falls as did commodities and bonds.

There were, however, a select group of assets that were unaffected by the turmoil and this is what led to the creation of an investment product that could generate consistent returns irrespective of market conditions.

  • 9 years of research
  • 7 years of investor feedback
  • Lessons learned from every successful investment
  • Lessons learned from failed investments
  • A unique blend of alternative investments
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